Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) Admission Test Result 2010-2011

Noakhali Science and Technology University is in the beginning of its age and expending its activites to spread the light of mordern education of Science and Technology and practising wisdom in every field of knowledge in the greater Noakhali.

NSTU is the fourth in the twelve such universities the then elected Al Government has decided in 1997 to establish in the twelve erswhile greater districts where there was no university. And after that an act was authored by the parliament in 15 July, 2001, the act number was-41 with the entitlement of “Legislation for the establishment of Noakhali Science and Technology University”, where there was a clear notion for the reason behind establishment, saying,

“Because to keep pace with the present advanced Science and Technology dependent world and to gain equality and higher education and culture of modern knowledge in National level, Specially giving proper importance in Science and Technology, reading-teaching, and creating and expanding scope for research a university naming “Noakhali Science and Technology University” is appropriate and necessary to establish at Salla and Noakhali mouza in greater Noakhali district”.

Noakhali Science and Technology University Admission Test Results:

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